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"We must never kill an innocent. Regardless of our
feelings. It is the law. Everybody dies.

Jack Sant



Christmas in Malta brings seasonal gifts that can’t fit into a mere stocking. Ghosts of the past return with gusto to haunt Jack Sant as he follows the cold trail of the Red Count. Father Mizzi faces some life-changing decisions and Frank Vella has to come to terms with some home truths. Will Rita finally get the Christmas present she’s always wanted? Colourful and sometimes sinister, the Blood for Blood books take us to an intriguing holiday isle without ever having to leave our seats.

Praise for Summer Girl


"Malta seen like I never have before, bringing the past into the present with a grace and almost underlying sadness for what has been lost over time." Amazon reader

"This definitely is a must-read for you." Goodreads

Praise for Sleeping Dogs


"Much more than just your standard thriller." Amazon reader

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