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A John Doe washes up on Malta's picturesque shores proving cut and dried for Malta's Kummissarju Frank Vella but not so simple for Jack Sant. 

The sequel to the hugely successful Summer Girl takes Jack north to some of the most lush and beautiful locations in the Maltese Islands, but what lurks in the shadows and in his dreams? 

Continuing the adventures of Jack Sant, Knight of Malta turned detective, Sleeping Dogs: book two in the Blood for Blood series has already been hailed as a success in previews. 


Described as post-modern Pulp Fiction, the book series takes the reader through modern Malta and medieval Europe taking in first world problems and ancient arguments.

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A woman is attacked in strange circumstances on a midnight street in Valletta, Malta. An island country known for its history of early civilisations and military might is the backdrop for a series of distant relations and revelations as we follow Jack Sant; a former Knight of Malta, on his quest to solve some of the country’s worst cold cases.


Jack takes us on a journey of chivalry and secrets as he uncovers lies and the gritty realism of crime in a small country. From the lively dancehalls to the languid conversations at dinner through the eyes of the Maltese people; a mélange of culture powered by the sun, where east meets west and north meets south in language, love and laħam.


The first book, Summer Girl focuses on a cold case from 1984. How can an 82-year old priest lead Jack to an unsympathetic killer? Hiding in plain sight Jack gets involved in a chain of events that lead to an interesting twist.



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Christmas in Malta brings seasonal gifts that can’t fit into a mere stocking. Ghosts of the past return with gusto to haunt Jack Sant as he follows the cold trail of the Red Count. Father Mizzi faces some life-changing decisions and Frank Vella has to come to terms with some home truths. Will Rita finally get the Christmas present she’s always wanted?

Colourful and sometimes sinister, the Blood for Blood books take us to an intriguing holiday isle without ever having to leave our seats.

"It's assumed that Christmas in a hot country is all sun and fun, this couldn't be further from the truth." Kelly says. "We left things in Sleeping Dogs with Jack in a pickle, but has Jack gone to the other extreme this time around?"

Why don't you open the book and find out?

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