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Copenhagen has The Killing, London has Luther, New York has Elementary and in 2013: Valletta has Blood For Blood.

An island country known for its history of early civilisations and military might is the backdrop for a series of distant relations and revelations as we follow Jack Sant; a former Knight of Malta, on his quest to solve some of the country’s worst cold cases. Jack takes us on a journey of chivalry and secrets as he uncovers lies and the gritty realism of crime in a small country.

From the lively dancehalls to the languid conversations at dinner through the eyes of the Maltese people; a mélange of culture powered by the sun, where east meets west and north meets south in language, love and laħam.

Kelly Vero, the author of the Blood For Blood series, lives in Malta and loves it “I really wanted to capture the eccentricities and culture that makes the canvas of Malta a really rich and vibrant country.” She also wanted to convey the modern ‘first world issues’ of an old school gentleman, “Jack is a mixture of Sherlock Holmes and David Beckham, he’s very methodical but very aware of how he looks and who he is.”

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